About Us

Quest Cares Foundation has a mission to create thriving communities through initiatives that support community development, sustainability, and well-being. The foundation focuses on four key programs including the Quest Cares Spaces program, the Quest CarePaks program, the Quest Community Builders program, and the Quest Community Giving Fund. In particular, the foundation will leverage the Quest Workspaces professional community and broader business community to provide an “eco-system” through which non-profit organizations and emerging minority businesses can gain pro-bono support and resources to grow and thrive. Quest Cares Foundation is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Florida.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of volunteer staff to ensure the foundation has maximum impact.

Kathy Andersen

Co-Founder & Board Treasurer

Laura Kozelouzek

Co-Founder, CEO, & Board President

Nancie Dudash

Board Secretary

Madelina James

Marketing & Communications Manager

Riley Swart

Social Media Strategist and Designer

The Full Story!

Quest Cares Foundation was founded by business leaders and partners, Laura Kozelouzek and Kathy Andersen.

Ten years ago, Quest Workspaces Founder & CEO, Laura Kozelouzek, wanted to do more than transform the co-working industry with a new, flexible, private office workspace model. Laura also wanted to create change in the company’s local communities.

Fast forward ten years, Quest Workspaces has provided more than $250,000 in free and reduced office space to non-profit organizations serving local communities through its Quest Cares program. “My vision for the Quest Cares program was always to grow it into a major venture that helps our local communities,” said Kozelouzek. “Now is the time for the program to become a philanthropic foundation so we can take our efforts to a new level of support amidst a global pandemic.”

To create the foundation, Kozelouzek joined forces with her partner, Kathy Andersen, in 2020. Andersen has extensive experience leading for-profit and non-profit organizations. “More than ever, companies need to play a leadership role in not only creating thriving businesses, but also creating thriving communities,” said Andersen. “COVID-19 has devastated businesses and communities, and now we have the opportunity to grow back stronger by helping each other.”

Quest Cares Foundation will focus on four key programs. Firstly, Quest Cares Spaces program will expand the provision of free and reduced office workspaces and virtual services to local non-profit organizations. Secondly, the foundation will launch a new Quest CarePaks program that will provide backpacks and other “care packs” to provide relief and support to those in need, including victims of domestic violence and child abuse, women and children in homeless shelters, low-income children in need of educational supplies, low-income single mothers, local victims of natural disaster, and other minorities and vulnerable communities.

As a third program, Quest Cares Foundation will launch Quest Community Builders to build the capacity of non-profit organizations and emerging minority businesses. The program will create an eco-system through which the Quest Workspaces professional community and the broader business community can provide pro-bono support, mentoring, and growth opportunities in areas including networking and relationship-building, financial management, entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, funding, operations, management, and other key areas to help non-profit organizations and emerging minority businesses to grow and thrive. Finally, the Quest Community Giving Fund will provide contributions to small and emerging non-profits to help those organizations grow, thrive, and impact their communities; and to provide community support through times of distress including natural disasters, health emergencies, violence against women, and other vulnerabilities.

Jowharah Sanders, Founder and Executive Director of National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE), shared how the Quest Cares program helped her young non-profit grow when there was little other support available back in 2009. “Without a Miami home base and a meeting location, we would not have been able to apply for our original grant of $15,000 from The Miami Foundation,” said Sanders. “Whenever a funder, parent, or member of a grant review committee comes to the office to meet with us, they are always so impressed by the office space.” Now in its eleventh year, NVEEE has expanded its programs, and continues to fulfill its mission of preventing bullying, violence, and suicide among youth, families and communities through direct service, mentoring and prevention education. Sanders just received word last week of their second grant from The Miami Foundation to support LGBT youth in crisis and is more committed than ever to develop young leaders and upstanders, invest in their overall mental health and reduce the trauma experienced by children and families.

Kozelouzek and Andersen not only share a bold vision for the foundation as entrepreneurial business leaders, but also as partners in life who are both passionate about creating impact through their work and life endeavors. The duo met at the Miami-Dade Women’s Chamber of Commerce Thelma Gibson 20th Anniversary Awards in September, 2019. Quest Workspaces was an event sponsor, and Andersen was an event award recipient. Both women feel the serendipity of meeting and falling instantly in love at an event celebrating the change we can each make in our communities. To add further serendipity, Kozelouzek was named as one of the Thelma Gibson Award recipients for 2020.